Out Of This World Discounted Designer Bridal Shoes

A wedding is one of those ceremonies that are treasured by any woman for the rest of their life. In that sense, a woman wants to... Read More »

Wedding Reception That Brings Out The Best Of an Event

Here the beauty and splendor of the event is expressed in all manner of ways and it’s at this moment that the theme of the colours is practically engrossed to match the occasion. Wedding reception culminates the day’s events. Read More »

How To Get Cheap Wedding-Invitation

Inviting guests online serves best as it will capture a bigger audience as compared to other methods. If such information is relayed faster and conveniently. Read More »

Cheap Wedding That Saves You Lots Of Money

A step-by-step guide to planning ones wedding can take at least eight months to one year. During this period, the couples to be hand the responsibility of most plans to the wedding committee which in its wisdom will guide them in planning for the big day. Read More »

Top And Latest Wedding Dresses In The Fashion World Today

One of the most amazing wedding gown is definitely the mermaid wedding dress. But lets discuss some of top and sort after wedding dressing in fashion today. Read More »


Shameful And Stupid Wedding Fights That Yield Zero Results

Reception wedding fight


Written by Wallace Muya

This world is full of crazy things and wedding fights are no exception. They happen mostly and they have bad results for that marriage.

Weddings have for long brought together warring communities across the world. …

Flower Girl Dresses Trending Now

flower girl attire

Flower girl dresses are available in varying colors, shapes, fabrics, and styles. The sight of the young girl wearing a lovely gown sprinkling flowers down the aisle before the bride brings a smile to everybody’s face.

There are lots of …

The Justin Bieber Way of Dancing On A Wedding Event

Justin Bieber new hair style

Think of an entertaining moment on your special day and its full of fun and lots of dancing. This is what Justin Bieber revolution has done and its spreading the forest fire way.

This guy has brought about new hair …

Astonishing Wedding Dress That Makes A Colorful Event Very Memorable

Beautiful summer wedding dress

It is time to attend a wedding and the most pressing question on the mind is ‘What to wear to the wedding?’ It is important to choose wedding guest dress that will be stunning and elegant, yet not overshadowing the …

Out Of This World Discounted Bridal Shoes

Discounted bridal shoe

Bridal shoes:

A wedding is one of those ceremonies that are treasured by any woman for the rest of their life. In that sense, a woman wants to look her best on this day with her designer bridal shoes.


Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Wedding etiquette

Wedding Invitation Etiquette: The Do’s And Don’ts

As the bride and the groom looks forward to their upcoming nuptials, there is a silent language that is assumed everyone understands. This is the language that today in this changing times or …

Crazy Wedding Entertainment Makes A Ceremony More Colorful And Enjoyable

Best wedding entertainment

The main reason why people are eager and anxious to come to a wedding ceremony is not just to witness the solemnization of the union but also to be entertained. Wedding entertainment is about making invitees feel relaxed and enjoy …

Affordable Online Ideas Help To Come Up With a Cheap Wedding

Cheap wedding

Weddings are special events and they come in handy with a bunch of activities. With good planning, a cheap online wedding is realized and the outcome of the event is evident on the wedding day.

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Made to last Wedding Memories Reservation With Cool Ambiance

best wedding memories

It’s said that memories are made of this. True to it even wedding memories are made of good reservation of all events from the earliest moments of the material day to the very end of the day’s event.

There has …